Why should you have Kedarkantha Trek on your bucket list?

Kedarkantha trek offers all the adrenaline rush an adventurous person seeks in life. It's like a spiritual nest in the mountains of Uttarakhand, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a meditative oasis that ensures peace, calm, and solace. Perched 12,500 ft above sea level, the trek offers a panoramic view of the scenic beauty of mountains and lush meadows. Doesn't that sound like the perfect place to unload the stress and pressure of our daily lives? The best thing about the Kedarkantha trek is the majestic spiritual vibes you get while traveling. This journey will entangle your soul and leave you mesmerized and entranced with the calm that this place brings to your heart.

Located at extreme heights, this place is a hub for tourists gathering, the virgin views, the pristine beauty, and the spiritual vibes which are difficult to describe in words. To present a picture of how the experience of the kedarkantha trek is, here are the charming features that the journey will entail.

Breathtaking views

The entire journey, whether it be from Dehradun to Sankri-the starting point of the trek or the trails glistening the sunlight fling upon it, is laden with breathtaking views, mighty mountains covered in snow, long pines, rivers, snowfall, everything is just a treat for the eyes. If not for anything, the scenic beauty is the reason enough one cannot miss out on this trek.

Ease of access

It is easy to access due to great connectivity via road, rail, and air since it is not far from Dehradun. Also, the trek provides a great return on investment for the trekkers especially the beginners in terms of efforts employed and skills required as it is a moderately easy trek. If you are planning on a girls trip from Delhi but still hesitating on where to visit, this can be the perfect destination to have a blast with your friends.

Insights into the local culture

The trail is flanked by beautiful villages with heartwarming people to give you an insight into the local culture. This provides you a rare opportunity of baring your soul to the simple and harmonious life of the inhabitants that leave in you a feeling of contentment.

Wide and open clearings

A distinctive and charming feature of the Kedarkantha trek is the wide and open clearings that are not common to other treks. The panoramic view allows you the indulge in the raw beauty the campsites offer during the trek. Jaadu Ka Talab, Kedarkantha base camp, and other campsites are located on these heavenly clearings presenting an unmatchable scenery.

Your travel log is incomplete without a visit to Kedarkantha. The experience, the splendor, calmness, and serenity that it brings to your body and soul is enough to enliven you. The Kedarkantha trek package that Miles Fever offers is the perfect package filled with all the features that make a trip unforgettable. Our trips are modeled to satisfy all your travel needs so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the time of your life.

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