Ultimate Guide to Kedarkantha Trek - Tips and Things to Know Before You Go

If you are someone who admires the enchanting beauty of falling snow and tasselled with the pine tree, then, the Kedarkantha Trek is the experience you would want to seek at least in their life.

The falling winter snow provides a mesmerizing view of the giant Himalayas from the trail right to the top. Perched at the breathtaking height of 3810 meters which is about 12,500 feet, this is a perfect trekking trail for a person looking for adventure. The distance that needs to be covered is not very large, and the trekking trail has a moderate level of difficulty which enables even the first time trekkers to set on the adventure and enjoy the beauty of nature at its best.

There are magical and charming sights of snow-capped Himalayas, the lush grass-covered landscapes, frozen ponds, varied collection of flora to the sights of mesmerizing peaks; this is a trek which has it all. The Kedarkantha base camps which you will stop at throughout your journey are a feast for the eyes while providing trekkers with space for some rest time.

The Kedarkantha Trek is a perfect destination for someone who loves nature. It will let you dive into the beauty of undisturbed nature and get delightful and blissful with its picturesque sights. And if you are from Delhi, there are plenty of options for weekend tours from Delhi to enjoy some time out with friends and family.

A brief about the important things that need to be carried while going for kedarkantha

A person trekking in kedarkantha should carry some necessary items before adjourning their journey like woolen clothes like sweaters, caps, mufflers, socks, thermals. Taking into consideration, the climate one should also carry a windproof jacket. Hiking shoes, snow boots, are also necessary for adjusting with the terrain. One should also pack add-ons like sunglasses which have UV protection, lip balm, sunscreen lotions, torch and headlamp with extra batteries should also be packed with their luggage. And Medicines like Diamox, which is for altitude sickness, other necessary medicines for headache, stomach ace, and normal medication are also important, Band-Aids, volini spray, and anything else. Don’t forget to take identity cards and photocopies as well.

Few point to keep in mind for first-time trekkers:

It will be beneficial to organise the trek by the aid of a travel company like Miles Fever as it can provide you with assistance when needed with all the necessary arrangements for trouble-free trekking participation. Renting of trekking bags, trekking poles, and trekking shoes can also prove beneficial rather than bringing your own and gaining on travel luggage weight. To ensure that your backpack is not very heavy and dragging you down while you are trekking, make sure that you do not carry an excessive amount of clothing and only take whatever is necessary like one robust jacked to shield you from cold and wind and light to bring layering clothing. It is advisable to carry a water bottle or flask for drinking warm water anytime in-between your trek. And since you'll be climbing up to save body energy and provide support during the course as it might get tiresome, especially for beginners, a trekking pole should also be packed with balance and body stability.


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