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Things to do in Goa without going to the beach in Winter

Though being a state known for its beaches, Goa boasts of a number of other exciting sites that people can visit and enjoy, including churches, casinos, forts, monuments, grand hotels and resorts, among others, making it an ultimate winner in people’s hearts choosing where to go. Goa is a state which has a very diverse culture. Goa is a good destination for the young and the old, be it visiting foreign nationals or Indians. Come, make plans for your Goa trip. There are many other Goa tour packages available for your convenience. Goa is also apt for an all-girls trip plan. Starting Delhi or anywhere in India, MilesFever has a range of exciting packages for Goa.

Lets get a sneak preview into popular places in Goa. Here, listed below are some of the places you can visit in Goa.


AGUADA fort is one of the most beautiful monuments constructed in the middle of the Arabian sea. It is a heritage building from the Portuguese times, built as a defense against the invasion of the Dutch and Marathas. This fort is a must-visit for a tourist as it offers a rich history and is a standing live example of Portuguese architecture.

Titoos's Street

Various clubs and casinos of Goa attract tourists like no other. Tito's street, one of Goa's most famous clubs, is located on the BAGA beach, which is a popular hub of partying in goa. Many tourists are found moving towards Tito’s street after sundown for an exciting evening.

The DUDHSAGAR Waterfalls

This beautiful waterfall is a must-visit sight in goa. The four-tiered beautiful waterfall is one of India's tallest waterfalls, reaching a height of three hundred twenty meters, and is located in the MANDOVI River. It is situated in the BHAGWAN MAHAVEER sanctuary and MOLLE NATIONAL PARK, among the Western Ghats. Beautiful green forests surround the whole area of the DUDHSAGAR WATERFALLS. The waterfalls are at their most beautiful point during the monsoon season when heavy downpour and the water cascading down looks marvelous.


Club CUBANA, which also calls itself the ‘nightclub in the sky,’ is a must-visit for the partygoers. Though situated in a remote location in North Goa, it throws revolving lights all around the neighborhood all night long.

The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

This church, situated in Goa's capital city, has frequent visitors and tourist attractions. This church is known for its beauty and its liaison with the past. The church is illuminated on 8th December every year, making it look gorgeous. It’s a prominent tourist spot.

Bom Jesus Basilica

One of the most important of all tourist places in Goa and a central landmark for Catholics, the Bom Jesus Basilica, is where the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept. Widely worshipped as a saint, this site embodifies holiness and is a must visit for all religions.


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