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10 things to do in Kedarkantha

Kedarkantha, a winter trek located in Uttarakhand, is a treat for all trek lovers. It is relatively more comfortable so that all non- trekkers can enjoy here too. It has a lot to offer. The most tempting of all is the mesmerizing view of the great Himalayan peaks. During winters, it is worth it to take the Kedarkantha trek package. Here are a few things you can do while you are in Kedarkantha.

The first thing to do is cross the first channel between two hill spurs. It is fascinating and usually marks the starting of the trek. It gives a sense of thrill and adventure, although you might overlook the channel if the guide doesn't show it to you.

Then comes the Juda ka Tal. This is a beautiful lake. The story behind this lake is that Lord Shiva opened his locks here. All the water that dripped from his hair formed this lake. There are also many fun activities that you can do by the lake. Camping by the side of it is an activity that many people recommend. It relaxes your soul and gives you peace.

Between December and February, the place is filled with snow. During this time, you can use micro-spikes in the snow. They not only help you to walk on the snow-laden trail but are also super fun. You have to make a grip in the snow with the spikes before taking every step.

Once you reach the top, the view is breathtaking. Mountain ranges of Gangotri, Yamunotri, and Kinner-Kailash are visible. It is a very liberating feeling. You can click beautiful pictures of the view and yourself.

Now that you are on the top, you can have the longest' dashing through the snow' experience. The clean snow with no barrier in the way would make it very difficult for you to resist yourself from doing this anyway.

You can take your children on this trek as well. It is a trek for the beginners. With your kids, you can have a lot of fun in the snow. You can build snowmen, do snowball fights and goof around.

There is a village called Sankri near this place. If you have enough time to spend another day, make sure to check out this village. The local lifestyle is amazing, and you should also try their local cuisine. The people are very warm and hospitable there.

Someshwar Mahadev Sankri is a temple situated in Sankri Village. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva of Hindus. The villagers respect the temple a lot and think of it as a pious place. This is a top-rated tourist attraction for the people who come to trek. Many festivals and fairs take place in this temple.

The Sankri Zipline Ride is super fun. It is the highest zipline of Uttarakhand. The experience is very thrilling and adventurous.

Purola is a small town located near Har-Ki-Doon ( trekking destination ). It also has Govind Wildlife Sanctuary near it. It is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to enjoy for a few more days around this place.

All these activities and more await you. All you have to do is reach out to MilesFever. We make your plans for you, according to you. The trip is made based on your budget plans and preference. Our guides will accompany you throughout the trek, which would help you as they are experts in the particular terrain. We try our best not to let your budget affect your trip's quality. Any lesser experience for you is a shame for us.

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