School trips from Delhi

School Trips From Delhi

Exciting School Trips for all Kids and Teachers

Weekend School girls trip from Delhi or excursions are the perfect opportunities to make students come in contact with real-world experiences. These trips fill up the happy jars of the children while remaining some of the most memorable and eventful memories of their life. Miles Fever provides a sea of choices in terms of the destinations and facilities we offer to make school trips a bombastic success.

What do we offer?

Since school trips are varied in nature, emphasizing the different developmental aspects of students, the choices we provide are also diverse.

Day Trips

Day trips prove to be the ideal occasion for promoting active interaction amongst students and are convenient for short duration recreation. They are the perfect option for when you want to keep the preparations minimal without compromising with the experience. School trips from Delhi to nearby areas will not require humongous efforts and provides all the opportunities for leisure.
Overnight Trips
Overnight trips appease the adventurous spirit of students while enticing a sense of togetherness in them as such trips are laden with fun group activities like camping in nature. Weekend school trips from Delhi or any other city induce children to develop hobbies that are beyond the realm of academics and push them to indulge in sports or any kind of physical activity.
Out Of Town Trips
Out of town trips are hands down the most appropriate way to introduce students to the cultural diversity flourishing in India.
Teachers' Trips And Team Building
Teachers need their share of leisure to revitalize which we provide packaged with team building activities to strengthen existing bonds and understanding.

Why Choose us??

Expert Local Guides
We have a team of expert local guides who will handhold you in your travel journey, taking care of every minute detail of your tour. Our unwavering attention to your needs unfolds a valuable travel experience for you.
Safety Management
There is no compromise on the quality of facilities that we provide whether it be the accommodation or transportation. Our safety measures are ensured and corroborated by our wealth of experience, attention to detail, and expert team available at your dismal.
Multiple Choices of Destinations
The choices of destinations available to you are not restricted within the boundaries of India, rather we offer you a multitude of possibilities to organize school trips locally or internationally.
Recreational Activities
Recreational activities are a part of the entire team-building process and group interaction aspect of the tours organized facilitated by the members of our team that leave no stone unturned to make every second of your trip worthwhile.
Experience In Handling Kids
There are certain nuances attached to a trip when it involves kids of varied age groups. Our treasure chest of experiences provides useful insights when needed while handling kids which adds an extra layer of convenience to your trip.

What’s included

All of our trips and tours include transport, accommodation, a full program of activities as detailed in the individual itineraries, along with experienced guide leaders to accompany you throughout your trip.

Integrated Booking Services
All the necessary plannings and arrangements for the trip will be planned by the organizer. Talk to us if you have any questions or would like to know more about what we have to offer.
24-hour Tour Support
Receive 24-hour emergency care and support at any time during the trip. Your safety and security are very important.
Personal Tour Organiser
  • You will be allotted a personalized tour organizer to ease you through the process. You can direct all your queries and doubts at them and receive any offer and advice you need.
  • Safety Management System
  • We have a safety management system in place in case if anything goes wrong during the trip.
Safety Management System
Safety of any gear including camping and activities.
  • First Aid trained Guides and Marshals.
  • Basic fire fighting skilled marshals.
  • Safety while conducting games and activities.
  • Safety briefing before any activity.
  • Guide you through the activities and rescue if needed.