Reasons to choose Chopta as your travel destination

Chopta is a small valley situated in Uttarakhand, which is very prominent among tourists, mainly because of the significant options it offers for exploring, adventure trekking and witnessing the magnificent beauty of mountains. It is a beautiful place with lots of places to wander around and relax in the company of your friends. The entire region is an oasis of elegance, especially for the ones who are searching for the right place to unload the stress of their hectic lives with some time away from the cacophony of megacities. The Chopta weekend trip warrants views that are breathtaking to leave you in awe of the serenity and calm it offers. Chopta is the place to visit if you are planning on a girls trip from Delhi or elsewhere to enjoy some time off from your monotonous schedules and catch up with your friends. Chopta is also a centre for trekking to Tungnath, Panch Kedar and many other holy Indian Temples. It allows you to bear witness to the mighty Himalayas, the splendid beauty of cliffs and the serene temples. Let's get down to some of the factors to choose Chopta as your next getaway destination.

Chopta – Tungnath – Chandrashila trek

It is one of the most famous treks among tourists and thrill chasers and allures many to visit chopta to go on an expedition that will leave you with bountiful memories. The trails that encompass this trek is flanked by the mesmerizing beauty of lush greenery, the beauteous river that will lead you to the Tungnath temple.

Thrilling activities

Chopta offers many activities to make up your trip a memorable one. You can do river rafting, cliff-hanging, hill trekking, snow skiing, rock climbing, rappelling etc. It is a treasure chest of activities that one can indulge in to spend some pleasant time with your friends and family.


This place is the perfect spot for clicking beautiful pictures to keep as a souvenir of the memories you made. The panoramic view of the gorgeous mountains, the grand river and the feeling that one gets while overlooking the scenery is indescribable in words.

Tungnath Shrine

Tungnath shrine is the highest temple of Chopta region located at an astonishing height of 3800 meters whose beauty and ambience cannot be compared. It is a famous attraction of the Chopta valley. If not for the other obvious reasons but the grandeur of the Tungnath temple will definitely reel you into visiting Chopta.

Camping on the lush meadows

There is no denying the overwhelming feeling that one experiences bearing witness to the falling rays of the sun peering through the vast sky and falling on the lush meadows only to glisten to further add to its magnificence. Who would want to hide away in concrete accommodations if this is the view that is presented to you when you open your eyes. You can trust Chopta to blow your mind away with the camping opportunity it offers to you for an unforgettable experience with your family and friends.


A visit to Chopta is a must for nature lovers and thrill chasers. Even for people who are thinking about exploring the beauty of trekking but being a beginner is stopping them from experiencing it, Chopta offers an excellent opportunity for beginner trekkers too. If the beauty of Chopta has managed to capture your attention, you can opt for the Chopta tour packages provided by Miles Fever. We make sure that you get to enjoy every bit of your stay as we make all the preparations like food, lodging, and your itinerary while you get to sit back and relax.

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