Planning for a Kasol kheerganga trip? Here is what you can expect!

Travelling reinvigorates you by breaking the pattern of you staring at the same building daily, meeting the same people, doing the same nine to five job turning your life monotonous and bland. Taking a break from this lipid routine is essential to feel energized, and places that you travel in that quest can be areas you want to explore or just diving deep in based off of other people's reviews. Kasol is one such location which on the one hand is quite an attraction for nature enthusiasts and hikers while on the other hand obscure enough to leave you in awe of the untainted and the preserved environment.

The Kasol Kheerganga Trek begins at Kasol, a tiny village located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is located deep in the scenic Parvati Valley, untouched from the city's lifestyle and is rapidly rising as a significant spot for travellers looking for budget travelling. Kheerganga's history is speculated to be dated millions of years back, with the biological place coming into existence as the home of Lord Shiva. The trek has a lot to offer, from breathtaking views to the pleasant climate, Kasol makes sure that its visitors get the most out of it. Let us discuss some of the offerings that Kasol- Kheerganga provides to its visitors.

Parvati river and the exquisite Mountains

Streaming through Parvati Valley, the perennial Parvati River enriches the whole picture of Kasol. The stream embellishes the town and enhances its picturesqueness. The river is the ideal tourist attraction and offers various adventurous activities like Rowing, river rafting, camping, fishing etc. Sitting back with a cup of tea while gazing at the mighty river leaves you mesmerized with nature surrounded by serenity.

Tosh village and its heartfelt locals

This enchanting place is located 20 km from Kasol. Tosh is a tiny village perched at the height of 2,400 meters above the sea level, along the waterfronts of river Tosh. The breathtaking views will hook your soul, leaving you astounded by the ability of nature in calming your senses. The heartfelt locals and the vibe of the place attract tourists who have the spirit of a hippie.

Kheerganga And Tirthan Valley

Kheer Ganga is the last village you will come across as you traverse through the Pin-Parvati pass and is located at the end of Parvati valley. The lush greenery unfolding in front of eyes appears more magnificent under the vast sky enveloped by the awe-inspiring mountains.


For those pursuing spiritual enlightenment along with the mountainous elegance, this is the perfect pilgrimage site. It provides one with eternal bliss and satisfaction. This place is a must to visit, as it offers a great sense of relaxation and mental peace.

Kasol is a heavenly destination that satisfies the soul of an adventurous and spiritual person alike. If you are looking to spend some time in the lap of nature and think Kasol is the perfect retreat that aligns with your travel aspiration, Kasol Kheerganga trek package offered by Miles Fever will take you on a memorable experience. Even for beginner trekkers, the assistance from local guides who are a part of our team and know ins and out of the terrain make the trip more convenient and enjoyable. Even for a girls trip from Delhi for which you have still not reached a consensus regarding the destination the Kasol Kheerganga trek package of Miles Fever will be a perfect choice. It will provide the right blend of adventure and scenic beauty wherein we will make all the arrangements along with the standard safety protocols so that you can enjoy the trip with confidence.

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