Kedarkantha Trek: An Unforgettable Escapade

It's not about the destination that matters; it’s about the journey. Kedarkantha is a place that should be on your bucket list of travel destinations that one must visit atleast once in their life. The trek, the snow covered mountains, the significance if the place with mighty Lord Shiva,and the ambience are weave together an unforgettable experience. Kedarkantha is one of India’s most prominent tours and a traditional outing spot amongst hardened trekkers and beginners alike. You might even heard of ravings about how the trek was the cornerstone in transforming the travel journey of individuals, as the soothing environment it offers while trekking is capable of awakening the repressed desires of spending some quality time away from the cacophony of megacities.The most significant reason of Kedarkantha trek being the top-rated trek to do in the Indian Himalayas is the summit climb.

The summit climb of Kedarkantha is a once in a lifetime experience. Starting from the base camp of the trek, the summit soars large. As you commence your hike in the early hours of the morning and steadily climb up the vertical slope, you witness a different world where the sky is bluer, sunshine is warmer and the wind carries away the gloom of our hectic lives. The climb can be quite challenging for beginners but still offers plenty of respite due to the navigable trail. The entire distance is steadily steep and as you get nearer to the summit, it gets sharper. the remarkable view that you encapture from the summit is indescribable in words. Besides the summit, the Kedarkantha trek is known for its breathtaking views and mesmerizing journey. The best thing is that, despite the various options for weekend getaways from Gurgaon and weekend getaways from Delhi, the Kedarnath trek holds its own special place.Let’s discuss in detail some of the best features that the trek offers.

The drive to the base camp

It is one of the most stunning drives you will ever experience during any trek. The 18 km span of the dense pine forest after Purola and the road through the Mori valley alongside River Tons will dwell with you for a long time. These little things, these small adventures, are the life-changing ones.

The Homestays

Very rarely will you get to encounter how the local people live? In this trek, you get to see it. You will be dwelling during your first night of the stay and the last night in homestays in two villages – Gaichawan Gaon and Kotgaon.

The Forests

When you are in the wildernesses of Kedarkantha, especially the stretch from Kotgaon to the summit, you will feel this connotation of oneness with your surroundings more elegantly.

The Summit

The voyage is famous for its summit, the final destination. The summit carries a special meaning for religious people. The Kedarnath Temple is just beyond; it’s the most heavenly place in the whole world. The spiritual vibes, the dedication of Pilgrims, everything is just so mesmerizing.


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