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How to plan a great weekend getaway?

The charm of weekends is not just in the break they provide from your work life but the doors they open in terms of travel. Trips planned for weekends are perfect for catching up with your friends and family while exploring the hidden treasures that some places are by providing jaw-dropping scenery and mouthwatering delicacies. Especially if you are an habitant of cities like Delhi and Gurgaon, you will be surprised by the myriad of options you have at your disposal for weekend getaways from Delhi and weekend trips from Gurgaon. There are specific points one needs to remember while preparing a travel trip during the weekends. To let you get the most of your travel here is a list of the things one must consider to ensure overall enjoyment of the journey.

Deciding on a destination

Picking a destination that suits your travel needs is the first step of your preparations. You can either decide to explore your country, to go for trekking, visiting some other city depending on the activities you want to do. The place you visit should not eat away the significant chunk of travel time so that you don't regret not getting to do whatever you planned.


The most crucial factor before planning a weekend trip from Gurgaon or elsewhere is the budget. You don't have to go to the most luxurious of the places and stay in bank-breaking accommodations to get the most of your travel. Decide on your destination, keeping in mind the budget and what suits your adventure desires. If it's a check for all your travel needs, go for it.


Depending upon your comfort level and the budget one can decide on their mode of travel. If you are looking for some time out with your friends without any specific requirements for extreme comfort like you have to consider with family, one can opt for road trips that allow you to observe the beautiful scenery on your journey. How much time you are willing to spend on the road, how many people and who you are travelling with are all determining factors for the mode of your travel.

Choosing the right time to go

You have to sync the timing of your travel to what you want to experience on your ravel. If you want to go for paragliding while on your vacation the weather and the time of the year you are travelling to that place will matter a lot. The same applies to other activities like sightseeing, rafting, a day at the beach. It must be ensured that you travel during the time when the activities you want to do are open.

Preparing an itinerary

Pre-planning of all the necessary activities and adventure you want do is essential as it makes sure that you don't forget anything. It saves you the time that otherwise would have been wasted in figuring out your plan of action while on your vacation. You can also analyse your options and then accordingly allocate your budget for that. Try to cluster places that are located near each other to same time travelling around in the city. Having a list of places you want to visit and activities you want to do saves you from the anxiety of cramming too many things in too little time owing to your unpreparedness.


We all look forward to a few moments of respite from our hectic lives. Weekend getaway keeps you filled with your regular dosage of travel gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time out even if you are on a time crunch. While you can arrange everything on your own, it creates unnecessary stress of getting your accommodation and flight booked, preparing an itinerary and so much more. To enable you to enjoy your travel to the fullest Miles Fever has various travel options for you to choose from where we take care of all your travel needs. You won't have to fret about the itinerary, over exceeding the budget, the transport because all you to do is enjoy each moment of the trip.

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