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Haunted Places To Visit In Rajasthan If You Are Up For A Chilling Adventure

Rajasthan is well known for its royal vibe and culture. It is a beautiful land with many ancient forts and historical places. It is a state that has stayed true to its roots in today’s developed world. The deserts of Rajasthan are world-famous. Rajasthan has that quintessential charm that mesmerizes you as soon as arrive. People visit Rajasthan mostly for its rich heritage, lakes, and vibrance. But there is one more thing that Rajasthan is known for; its haunted places. Read ahead if you are up for a chilling adventure.

Kuldhara Village

This is one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan. It is an abandoned village. The story behind it is that a minister wanted to forcefully marry a girl from this village but the villagers ran away to save the girl. But they cursed the place before they went so that no one could ever live there. People who try to spend the night there feel spooky vibes and are chased away by some energy.

Bhangarh Fort

You must have surely heard about this fort before. This is one of the most famous spots for paranormal activity in the whole country. The story behind this fort is that a priest fell in love with a princess and made her a potion. She threw the potion on a rock which then rolled down and crushed the priest to death. Tourists claim to hear the voices of a crying woman and a priest reading chants.

Brij Raj Bhavan Palace

This is now a heritage hotel. It is said that an English soldier named Major Burton was killed there during the sepoy mutiny along with his family. It is also said that their bodies are buried in the central hall of the palace.

Chand Baori

This is a stepwell which has amazing architecture. It is believed to be the deepest stepwell in the whole world with around 3500 steps. People say it was built overnight by the ghosts.


This is an ancient well. A ghost fair is held here every year wherein many people come to this well to perform exorcisms to get rid of evil spirits that have possessed their loved ones. The place becomes very spooky and has negative vibes all around it during this time.


Also known as the Ajmer-Udaipur highway, it is located near the Dudu village which is considered to be a haunted village with a lot of paranormal activities being reported now and then. It is believed that a lady along with her baby was running from the village and was killed by an ongoing vehicle on the road. You might encounter the ghost of a lady and her baby on this highway.

Rana Kumbha Palace

This is the infamous palace wherein Alauddin Khilji attacked and defeated Rana Rattan Singh followed by which, his queen and a thousand other women performed Jauhar. Jauhar is the act of women burning themselves alive after their husband/ king dies. Many tourists claim to have seen a crying woman in royal attire with a burnt face asking for help.

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