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Goa to reopen for tourists! Here’s everything you need to know

Goa is considered to be one of the most relaxing tourist places in India. It is also the most visited city in India by international tourists. The light blue water bodies and the quiet of the streets are a perfect combination to wear all the tension off your mind. The crazy parties and the soothing beaches present in front of us the best of both worlds. Goa is also known for its villages which detoxicate your mind away from the hassles of the city. It is the priority of the majority of the youngsters in India. The beautiful churches that are located in Goa along with a few ancestral points like the Aguada, Mangeshi temple, etc., make it a tourist spot for the elders and the history lovers as well. Cruise parties of Goa are not comparable to any other parties.

Goa, along with the rest of the country, went into lockdown on 22nd March due to the pandemic. Initially, Goa was one of the states with the least number of cases. It soon became the first Corona-free state in India. Proper sanitization and preventive measures were being taken to maintain the state’s decorum. Eventually, the borders were opened and the cases of Corona rose rapidly in Goa as well. Since the main source of economy in Goa is tourism, it re-opened for tourism in July. As of now, here is everything you need to know about Goa tourism currently-

When Goa was initially re-opened for tourism domestically, the tourists were required to get negatively tested for coronavirus to enter the city. Even after that, they were supposed to be quarantined in Goa for a few days. But now, no test is needed to travel to Goa. While the rules for international travelers might be different, domestic travelers need not take the corona test or be quarantined on arriving.

If that isn’t tempting enough, the casinos and beach shacks in Goa are now open as well.

When it comes to accommodation, only the hotels certified by the tourism department of Goa have the authority to restart their business. Factors like hygiene and sanitization are considered before granting permission to any hotel. As of now, around 650 hotels have registered themselves for restarting their business. All the high-end hotels are at an advantage as most of the tourists prefer to live in well-sanitized hotels with good hygiene. For tourists with not many concerns regarding their safety, hostels are always an option. They are cheap and provide you with an opportunity to mix up with strangers.

Except for the masks and basic sanitization, pretty much everything else is back to normal. The clubs have reopened. The beach parties have resumed. The restaurants are ready to welcome the tourists with some amazing seafood. The only thing out of ordinary is the lack of international tourists as international flights are yet to resume.

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