Girls trip from Delhi

Girls Trip From Delhi

Explore solo or group trips for girls for weekend or long duration

Thinking about planning a girls' trip with your best friends? A trip away from the responsibilities to rediscover yourself and to rekindle with the self that has become lost in the materialistic clutter. So ladies, gather your best buds, line up childcare, pack your bags, and travel away. Embark on a weekend tour from Delhi with the girls or any city which is constantly feeding your stress and anxiety.

What we offer?

Solo Trips

Let go of your inhibitions of traveling solo as our team assists you in every step of your travel journey. Resuscitate the travel desire that has been burning low. Give wings to your aspirations of exploring and discovering the world beyond what you have been holding on to.

Group Trips

Put the responsibilities you have been juggling in the backseat to recharge your bodies and relive memories with friends and family through trips that push you out of your comfort zones. You don’t even need to travel far to have some fun. Don’t compromise with your travel aspirations and go for a girls trip from Delhi or any other city.

Corporate Trips

Provide retreat to your employees to consolidate the understanding between teams and to solidify their sense of belonging.
Bikers Trips
Unite with your fellow bikers on a trip that will allow you to relish in the power a motorbike brings you- independence, safety, and confidence. Knockdown the walls of patriarchy and zoom away with your head held high to embrace the freedom from worldly needs.
Bachelorette Trips
Your bachelorette is all about bonding and partying with your best girls. Spice it up funky destinations, matching outfits, and fun-filled activities. From chilling on the beach to setting off on a desert safari, make your bachelorette that crazy adventure that you always recount in get-togethers.

Why Choose us?

Expert Local Guides
Our team of expert local guides will make the entire trip a comfortable experience, without you having to reck your brains out on the required preparations. They take care of every minute detail of your tour right from the very beginning to the end.
Safety Management
You won't be surprised by the level of care and support provided as we make no compromise on the quality of facilities whether it be the accommodation, equipment, and transportation. Our safety measures are aimed at making the experience stress free and comfortable for you.
Multiple Choices of Destinations
You don't have to be a know it all of the prerequisites of travel. Choose from a range of destinations that align with your needs and budget to travel locally or internationally but without the stress of planning and preparation.
Recreational Activities
Recreational activities that include events popular in particular travel destinations are at your dismal to enjoy. From beach parties to hiking along the green stretches, the decision lies in what attracts you.

What’s included

All of our trips and tours include transport, accommodation, a full program of activities as detailed in the individual itineraries, along with experienced guide leaders to accompany you throughout your trip.

Full Itinerary Booking Service
Your tour organizer will take care of all the basic needs related to the trip and all the necessary arrangements will be put into place.. Contact us today to talk through your specific requirements and an in-depth view of what all we have to offer.
24-hour On Tour Support
Your safety and comfort is our topmost priority. That's why we ascertain 24-hour emergency support should you have an emergency whilst on tour.
Personal Tour Organiser
When you book with us, you will be assigned a personal tour organizer to help you throughout the process, making all the necessary arrangements. They will available to help you with any questions you may have at any time, and offer support and advice.
Safety Management System
Our safety measures will ensure your well being at every step of the journey, keeping in mind all the possible scenarios that can unravel during the trip.
  • Safety of any gear including camping and activities.
  • First Aid trained Guides and Marshals.
  • Basic fire fighting skilled marshals.
  • Safety while conducting games and activities.
  • Safety briefing before any activity.
  • Guide you through the activities and rescue if needed.