Best locations for a Weekend school trip from Delhi

The beautiful scenery, the calming environment, adventure activities, excellent camping facilities all make Rishikesh the perfect destination for a respite from the regular school routines. Activities that students can do for an enjoyable time are yoga, rock climbing, camping and many more.


It is one of the most famous treks among tourists and thrill chasers and allures many to visit chopta to go on an expedition that will leave you with bountiful memories. The trails that encompass this trek is flanked by the mesmerizing beauty of lush greenery, the beauteous river that will lead you to the Tungnath temple.


The awe-inspiring views that break the monotony of sitting in the classrooms every day are what transpires at Manali. The snow-capped mountains and pine trees encompass a memorable experience and also serves as a popular camping spot for students away on a school trip.

Corbett National Park

Is there any better place than Corbett National Park to explore the rich bio-diversity of India as it is enriched with varied flora and fauna species? Students can enjoy a wide range of activities and participate in yoga programs, cultural programs, workshops and can enjoy campfires, bird watching, camping, fishing and trekking.


It is a gorgeous town of Rajasthan located in Anwar District. This historical village is 120Km away from New Delhi and is recognized for its primetime rich culture. Owing to the rich heritage and the history attached to the place, it is a perfect gateway for a weekend school trip from Delhi. The Neemrana Fort is known for its gorgeous wall carvings and woodwork.


Shimla is home to popular travel attractions, pleasant climatic conditions and the numerous recreational activities. It has excellent connectivity, various options for accommodation to chose from and the biggest commercial and market area of the region.

While school trips are enjoyable and educational, it can be quite a hassle to get everything organized and at the same time keep an eye on each student to ensure their safety. Miles Fever provides the opportunity for a memorable school trip with all necessary preparation made by us wherein our years of experience of travel and local guides as a part of our team curate an experience which is unforgettable trip considering every minute detail.

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