Weekend trips from Delhi

Best destinations for a weekend trip from Delhi

The variety of options in regards to the travel locations that being a delhite presents to you are endless. The destinations surrounding Delhi available within your reach offer a complete package of adventure, fun wrapped in the goodness of breathtaking views and the soothing company of your friends and family. So why shouldn't you grasp the opportunity of having the wonderful experience of what residing in Delhi has to offer in terms of the activities you can do, places you can visit, and the cultures you can explore. Here is a list optimal for weekend getaways from Delhi if you are planning on filling your itinerary with some amazing travel spots to spruce up your weekends.

Neemrana, Rajasthan

It is an exquisite town of Rajasthan located in the Anwar district. This ancient village is just 120Km away from New Delhi and is known for its primetime rich culture. The Neemrana Fort is known for its exquisite rich wall carvings and woodwork. You can easily reach here via road or flight. Just pack up your bag and you are good to go to make your weekend a memorable one.

Alwar, Rajasthan

The magnificent beauty and the rich culture offered by Alwar is just 167Km away from Delhi. The river, the mountains, the forts are highly picturesque and give you a lifetime of traveling experience. The famous Bhangarh Fort known for its ghostly adventures is located in Anwar District and hits the perfect spot for thrill chasers. Other exquisite places that can be explored during the visit are Sariksha Tiger Reserve, Kesroli Hill Fort, etc.

Agra, Up

This popularity of the beauty Agra offers is not just restricted to domestic boundaries. One of seven wonders in the world, the Taj Mahal is a major tourist attraction that not only attracts millions of Indian tourists but foreigners too. It's just 187Km away from New Delhi and can easily be traveled via road or flight. Rich historical content with major forts and mouthwatering delicacies are the cherry on top to strengthen your decision of choosing Agra as one of the destinations for weekend trips from Delhi. Agra is an excellent choice for Weekend school trips from Delhi owing to its rich history and culture.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Calming, soothing, magnificent, and serene are the words that best describe the splendidness of Shimla. Its beauty bewitches your senses and provides complete bliss. Doesn’t matter if your travel agenda is an adventure, exploring culinary delicacies, temple hopping, or just relaxing, you are definitely in for a treat. It's just 342 Km away from Delhi and the answer to your quest of finding some solace away from the noise of the cities.

Rishikesh, Dehradun

Rishikesh is a tranquil escapade for spiritual people who love traveling as well. Situated on the banks of the mighty Ganga river, this place is the perfect spot for celebrating your weekend with spiritual and soothing vibes. Located just 241Km away from Delhi it provides you a perfect blend of calm and chaos.

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