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Why You Should Definitely Visit Beaches in South Goa

Goa is one of the most beautiful locations in India. It is known as the Sunshine State of India. Several factors make Goa everybody's favourite location for a trip. Goa is extremely green. Over 1/3rd of Goa is covered by forests, and long, sandy beaches cover the rest. Goa's forests are full of exotic wildlife, including Indian giant squirrels, Mongoose, sloth bears, etc.

Goa is known as India's party district, with almost 7000 bars with cheap alcohol and beach parties. Goa is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts because there are Over 400 species of birds and six conservation areas for these rare beautiful birds. Goa is also the home of one of India's largest waterfalls, the Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Goa is also famous for one more thing- South Goa, one of the world's most romantic holiday destinations.

The North Goa beaches have a very popular nightlife, but the South Goa beaches are quite serene and peaceful.

Here are some reasons why you should visit beaches in South Goa –

The Beaches of South Goa.

The beaches in South Goa are known for being quiet, peaceful and less crowded. The beaches in North Goa are very overcrowded as well. There are many churches, galleries, museums, and other tourist locations in South Goa to be experienced. Nevertheless, the beaches are the most appealing touristic attractions for anyone visiting the coastal site. With its never-ending charm and daring water sports, South Goa never ceases to surprise us. Some famous beaches in South Goa are-

  • >Colva, popularly known as "the pride of Salcete".
  • Varca
  • Arossim
  • Bogmalo
  • Benaulim

Beautiful scenery.

South Goa has plenty of beaches that are an eye-catching delight for any. The lovely view of the setting sun is the perfect treat for your eyes. The beaches give picturesque scenes to experience, which is extraordinarily spectacular and beautiful. This is a kind of stunning scenery that is nowhere else available. The beaches give you the perfect opportunity to retreat in the lap of Mother Nature. The white sand at the Palolem Beach exquisite beauty that people are so fond of visiting from all across the globe.

The picturesque roads of South Goa.

One of those lovely roadways where you would want to get down and click pictures are everywhere in South Goa. The wavy roads and colourful houses in Portuguese theme make the road journey an incredible experience. Now and then, you will come across pretty bodies of water and ruin of cruise ships.

Adventurous and Thrilling Aquatic Sports.

Goa is an absolute thrill ride. The long coastal area, sunny skies, and tranquil shores give abundant opportunities to experience the ocean in as many ways as possible for thrill-seekers. If you're a novice or an expert, Goa's beaches have plenty to choose from. Goa offers various fun water sports such as windsurfing, waterskiing, boat trips on a banana tube, canoeing, sea kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, rowboat sailing, jet skis, etc.

South Goan Nightlife and parties.

The South Goan beaches are a hub for entertaining night parties that draw many tourists. Along with some groovy tunes and a serene breeze, the beaches offer everyone the perfect ambience to enjoy. These parties also attract international tourists who dance away to the beach's tunes.

Delicious food.

Due to the variety of food choices, food enthusiasts are more than delighted to explore these beaches in South Goa. The local seafood cuisine includes crabs, shrimps, fish, squids, and plenty of others. These mouth-watering dishes are often available at a very affordable price. These things make South Goa a must-visit place for weekend getaways or an all-girls trip from Delhi.

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